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  Have a tie dye party at type b. No tie dye experience needed to make fantastic tie dye. Fun for the whole family.  If you are looking for something different for your next party, have a Tie Dye Party at Type B Studios. FUN to make and FUN to wear. F.A.Q’s How much time will it take? It takes approximately 10 minutes per person to tie dye and then 2 hours for the wash & dry.  Use...
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Ross Mill Piggy Tie Dye

Click here to order your Ross Mill Pig Farm Tie Dye   ~  Show Your Support for the Farm.  Ross Mill Farm is a multi-service facility dedicated to the pig as a household companion pet. Originally established in 1740, Ross Mill Farm is nationally recognized for its breeding, training and development programs. The Farm's techniques, services and products have become the standard for quality and exc...
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